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5 Best Natural Deodorants

Deodorants That Never Fail 2022

5 Best Natural Deodorants For 2022 That Never Fail

It can be quite a slow process full of trial and error, hits and misses, trying to find a high-quality natural deodorant that does the job it says it will on its label. It’s worth it though. As well as helping you reduce the amount of plastic waste, natural deodorants are also healthier options. Especially when you consider that many antiperspirants can contribute to the increased risk of certain illnesses and diseases, switching is not as big a hassle as you may have thought initially.

We want to help you out, here at Little Goat Gruff, which is why we have put together a list of the best natural deodorants we think you should consider.

Papertube Deodorant from Ben & Anna

First on our list of natural deodorants that are worth considering if you are looking for alternatives to the mainstream brands is this excellent deodorant stick from Ben & Anna. Say goodbye to questionable or head scratching ingredients and say hello to a formula that consists of gentle, kind and crucially, natural ingredients. Ingredients like shea butter that nourishes and helps to give a non-sticky and smooth application while moisturising rather than drying out your skin. 

There are no phthalates, parabens, PEGs or aluminium and the push-up tube is made from 100% recyclable paperboard. 

Crystal Deodorant Stick from Biork

100% plastic-free and completely natural, this crystal deodorant stick from Biork is beautiful product that will never let you down, while staying in line with your green lifestyle. Its container is made from cork, a sustainable and renewable resource and plays a crucial role in preserving one of the world’s most biologically diverse environments in Portugal. 

Kind to your skin and king to animals, there is no aluminium chlorides used in its production and it is 100% fragrance-free and vegan.

Haoma Deodorant from Eco Living

Eco Living is one of the leading names in the eco-friendly and sustainable products industry and popular among those looking to adopt a greener lifestyle. If you are looking for a long-lasting natural deodorant, that is cruelty-free and eco-friendly, look no further than Haoma Deodorant from Eco Living. Available in a range of two different fragrances, this is 100% organic, and vegan. As well as neutralising bad odours and helping with excessive sweat, this deodorant also has antibacterial properties thanks to its stellar list of ingredients. The violet miron glass bottle it comes in can be reused or recycled. 

Perfect if you want something that is kind to your skin as it does not contain any SLES, SLS, aluminium, synthetics, GM-products, parabens, preservatives and emulsifiers.

Scence – Deodorant Balm

Another aluminium-free deodorant, this balm is also bicarbonate of soda-free which means it’s ideal for men and women with sensitive skin. You don’t need to worry about those annoying white marks on darker clothes and one little tube lasts for a long time.

Kutis Skincare – Natural Vegan Deodorant

Often, we have found that many people said they stopped using natural deodorant after a while because of how sticky it left them feeling or the marks it left on their clothes. With this vegan deodorant from Kutis Skincare, you do not have that problem. The deodorant melts almost immediately into your skin like a high-quality moisturizer and gives it a nice dry, but extremely soft feel. Even after a long day wearing it, you should find that you smell fresh and there are no sticky marks or stains on your clothing.

Why You Should Choose a Natural Deodorant

If you are still very much on the fence about switching to natural deodorant, consider the following benefits:

It helps you to sweat – sweat is a natural process used by the body to regulate your temperature. When sweat secretes out of your pores and evaporates, that helps to keep you cool. Natural deodorant, while eliminating unwanted odours, actually helps to ensure your body continues to sweat.Eliminates odours naturally – Sweat alone does not cause body odour, it’s actually a combination of sweat and bacteria on your skin. Natural by name, natural by nature, this type of deodorant neutralises those bad odours using natural botanicals.No Artificial preservatives or fragrances – as you would imagine, natural deodorant like any natural product is better for your health as it is free from artificial chemicals, preservatives and fragrances.