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5 Best Plastic Free Cleaning Cloths

Its so easy to go plastic free

5 Best Plastic Free Cleaning Cloths

Plastic free cleaning cloths are a household essential if you want to reduce the amount of non degradable waste you create week after week. Obviously some cloths for certain tasks can't always be reused so we have some alternatives amongst our recommended cloths that are home compostable.

1. Eco Living Compostable Cleaning Cloths Pack of 6

This colourful set of Compostable Cleaning Cloths from Ecoliving are the perfect addition to any kitchen looking to make the swap to a kinder lifestyle, without sacrificing a quality clean. Made from 70% cellulose and 30% cotton, these cloths are all natural and completely home compostable, as well as certified according to Oeko-tex standard 100. These clothes are a safer choice, and do not emit micro-plastic pollution, like conventional sponges do. 

2.Lavinia Cookies Scrubber

The Lavinia Toockies scrubbers are a fantastic plastic-free alternative to the usual plastic sponge or plastic scourer. They are also non abrasive and non scratching. Typically you use them on pots, pans and sinks. However, you can also use them in your bathroom or even to clean your vegetables. Besides, by using the Lavinia scrubbers you are supporting the Toockies fairtrade project and therefore Indian women.

3. A Slice of Green Organic Cotton Unpaper towels.

These 'Unpaper Towels' from A Slice of Green are a brilliant way to make the swap to an eco-friendly alternative. Made from GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, these towels are super absorbent, and easy to clean, as well as featuring some pretty snazzy designs! Perfect for accidental spills, messy kitchen sides, and wet surfaces. 

4. Close Parent Pop-in Cloth Wipes

Made from gorgeously soft, super absorbent and anti-bacterial bamboo, these are a great alternative to disposable baby wipes or simply use them for mucky hands, faces and noses instead. They are just the right size to fit in your pocket so they are always on hand when needed, and when they are dirty pop them back into the tote bag.

5. Baba and Boo Reusable Baby Wipes

Wipes are every parent's must have and it is usually a disaster if you leave home without some. If you are using reusable nappies, why not use reusable wipes too?

These gorgeously soft bamboo wipes for your baby's perfect little bum, face and hands are equally as good for the table, floor, wall and all those places that never needed a good wipe before children.

Parents who use reusable wipes often say they’d never go back; just one wipe does the job of a handful of disposables and they feel lovely. And because they’re reusable they’re kinder to your pocket and the planet. Just wash them with your nappies or the rest of your washing.