Hellion toys ethically produce eco-friendly wooden toys in the north of England.

    All Hellion toys are independently lab safety tested, CE certified

    Drawing upon many years’ experience, Dr Hellion knew what children played with, would influence play and shape learning.

    The Dr concluded toys should, therefore, nurture and reflect individual approaches to learning. Furthermore, these toys should do so without exploiting the planet’s resources in the process.

    In secret, The Dr began developing contemporary, open-ended and multifunctional toy designs. Over 18 months, a range of original toys emerged, built to withstand years, even generations of play

    All toys are one of a kind creations made from naturally grown materials. Each toy is unique as a result and will have subtle variations from one piece to the next. The wood will have grain, knots, and natural markings. It will absorb paint, varnish and dyes differently as a result. You may also see brushstrokes, uneven lines and elements that add to the character of your toy

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