The ultimate range of collapsible, multi-purpose beach products, including buckets, spades, extendable fishing nets, sand moulds, frisbees and more.

    100% RECYCLABLE & REUSABLE SILICONE meaning you can scrunch them down and pop them in your hand luggage. 

    Kids love them, parents even more! In our vast range of colours there’s no doubt there will be a Scrunch product for you.

    Say goodbye to cracked plastic buckets and single use plastic spades – a Scrunch product is a product for life.

    These silicone products are in fact derived from simple quartz sand. Silicone has the strength of a metal, with more flexibility than a plastic.

    What’s more amazing, is that the byproducts of this continuous, self-contained chemical process are harmless and, in fact, useful to the environment.