Packaging and the Enviroment

We are all becoming more aware of our impact on the enviroment, its something i've been passionate about for a very long time and I extend my own personal values into our business. We try to reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle everything we can!

Your order may arrive in less than pristine packaging but we feel as long as it arrives safely, looking pretty doesn't really matter. We reuse boxes, with reused packing inside - this may well be plastic air bubbles but we assure you we NEVER buy them. They are all reused from deliveries we have received and we hope you will go on to reuse them yourselves. We are constantly encouraging our suppliers to use less plastic packing and to find alternatives. It is actually more time consuming for us than buying in brand new packaging but we will continue to go the extra mile to help save our planet.

We use reinforced paper postage bags, they are much more expensive that all the other postal bag options but we feel its worth reducing our profits if we can help reduce plastic production. The bags can be recycled or composted.

We do not send out invoices in orders, we see this as using up precious resources for no good reason as they are emailed to you when you complete your order - you will get just a small card which is printed on recycled paper.

Our warehouse electricity is suppled by the company Squeaky Clean using UK wind, solar and hydro only and no biofuels which is even better than renewable energy.

We really encourage buying quality over quantity and repair over replacement.