Wudimals Walrus
Wudimals Walrus

Wudimals Walrus

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Each wooden animal from Wudimals is lovingly carved and thoughtfully painted with the utmost care and quality, and you can see this in every beautiful figure from their collection. Unstructured, open ended play with toys such as Wudimals is a brilliant way for children to explore and develop their imaginative and creative skills! This type of play can also introduce and strengthen problem solving skills, as well as social interactions and communication with the world around them. With Wudimals, you can get all the benefits of open ended play with the added bonus of a beautiful piece, and  keep children informed and curious about these wonderful and important creatures. 

The Walrus is a large blubbery marine mammal, with long tusks which can measure over 3 feet long.  An adult male can weigh in excess of 4400 pounds and measure over 11 foot long. They also have a thick bushy mass of whiskers. These whiskers are called vibrissae and help them feel for prey in murky waters. Their habitats must be shallow as they feed along the sea floor and cannot dive to exceptional depths. They feed on a wide variety of sea creatures mostly found along the seafloor. They cannot dive very deep but they can hold their breath for half an hour while searching for food. Their favourite food includes clams and other mollusks. They use powerful suction to pull the clams from their shells. They also feed on shrimp, crabs and soft corals. Walruses can be found in Arctic and subarctic waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and the Laptev Sea.

  • Suitable from 3+ yrs
  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Do not submerge in water.
  • Do not leave outside.
  • Do not leave on or near a heat source such as a radiator.
  •  6.5 x 3.4 x 6.8cm
About Wudimals- 

Wudimals are known for hand-making beautifully crafted animals figurines out of sustainable wood. Their process is meticulous and thoughtful, ensuring that the shape of the animals will work with the grain of the wood, and the wood grain is joined cohesively throughout the figure, to guarantee that the product is sturdy and stable. Their products are then checked and tested, to make sure they are compliant with the stringent rules of EN71 (Europe) / UKCA  (UK)/ AS/NZS 8124 (Australia & New Zealand / ASTM F963 (USA). Once the animal is ready to go, they are packed and shipped using the least amount of resources possible. Wudimals are also 1% for the Planet members, meaning they also give 1% off all sales back to non profit environmental charities. 




Height in cms
Newborn 50
Up to One Month 56
0-3 Months 62
3-6 Months 68
6-9 Months  74
9-12 Months 80
12-18 Months 86
18-24 Months 92
3 Years 98
4 Years 104
5 Years 110
6 Years 116
7 Years 122
8 Years 128
9 Years 134
10 Years 140
11 Years 146
12 Years 152
13 Years 158


We stock a lot of European brands who use the height of your child instead of an age range, this seems complicated but it really isn't, we promise! Simply measure in cm's from head to heel and that is the size you need to buy.

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Always excellent service and a great range of products. Little Goat Gruff also support some great environmental causes and schemes. An all round brilliant shop.

Rachel K

LGG was helpful in messenger when I asked for advise on sizing, sending size comparison pictures and measurements for me to compare. Item arrived quickly and is perfect, eco-friendly packaging and beautiful products

Sinead L

If i could give more stars I would, quick dispatch, prompt delivery, only place i had seen this version of the product and still competitively well priced.

Kat A

Great little company with amazing ethics. If I've ever had to deal with customer services they've been extremely helpful and friendly.

Hannah R

Excellent service. Fast delivery, safely packed. Customer service amazing too, replying quickly and answering any questions you may have. 10/10

Egle L

Excellent quality products and quick delivery. Will definitely order again! Thank you.

Melinda C

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