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Grimm's Large Stepped Pyramid

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This mega set of Pyramid Blocks from Grimms is an incredible set, that provides little ones with all they need to start their building and creating adventures. 

This set includes an amazing 100 colourful blocks, which come in 5 different sizes and encased in a sturdy wooden frame, stacked up into a beautiful pyramid structure. 

The potential play possibilities with this set are just endless, and we can guarantee that this set will be a much loved part of play time, with so many vibrant colours, and hundreds of opportunities to create and play. 

Even when not in use, this set makes the perfect decorative piece for any nursery or bedroom, and is sure to brighten up a space.

This set is beautifully constructed with sturdy lime wood, making it super durable, and amazing for keeping to eventually pass down the generations, making the perfect family heirloom. 

The blocks get their vibrant colours from water based, non toxic stains, therefore are completely safe for little hands and don't contain any nasty chemicals that we don't want, without compromising on colour! (Look at that vibrancy!)

Elevate your open-ended play, and give children a chance to use their imagination and creativity to learn and play at their own pace, while developing their motor skills. This set is an amazing fit for those who like to follow the Waldorf and Montessori way of learning! 

This wonderful set can be elevated with the 7 Friends in Bowls, check them out HERE!

  • Made With Lime Wood
  • 100 Blocks
  • Frame Is 44.5cm
  • Blocks Are 4cm Thick
  • Length Up To 20cm
  • Made in Bosnia
  • 3+ Years

About Grimms - 


Grimms are a family owned business that are based in the Swabian Alb, and produce a wide range of high quality, German-made wooden toys that are safe, fun and educational, without compromising the earth. Their toys are free from plastic, and are simple, yet lovingly crafted and effective, ensuring that children are not overwhelmed, but curious and content with open-ended, imaginative play, that they can pace themselves. Grimms have a focus on the Montessori and Waldorf lifestyle approaches, and this is clear in their wonderful, unique toys. Open ended play is a great way for children to explore their imagination and unleash their creativity, while being able to process information at their own pace, and be in charge of their own play, promoting cognitive skills and confidence growth. 


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