Privacy policy

What info might you collect about me?

When you browse our site, we collect:

  • geographical information e.g. whether you're in the UK
  • technical information e.g. whether you're browsing on an Apple computer or Android mobile phone
  • search information i.e. what search term you used to find our site
  • your contact email, IF you have chosen to opt into our email newsletter
  • your answers to surveys, IF you have chosen to opt into receiving surveys
  • your contact information IF you have entered one of our competitions
  • details of which products you looked at for remarketing


When you make a purchase, we collect:

  • contact information e.g. name, address, telephone number, email
  • purchase information e.g. what you bought, method of payment


What are cookies? 

A cookie is a small file that is downloaded onto your computer when you visit a website.  It allows us to recognise and tailor our site to you and it won’t harm your computer.


Do you use cookies?

Yes, we do. Cookies aren't evil - they taste fabulous!  If you prefer, you can restrict, block or delete cookies by changing your browser settings but that may mean that you won’t be able to add and buy products from our site, because it relies on cookies to remember what's in your shopping cart.You can opt out of Google's use of cookies by visiting Google's Ads Settings and opt out of a third party's use of cookies by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative opt out page.


How we use cookies

  • session cookie - stores information such as which page of our site you visited first
  • visit cookie - used to record the number of visits to our site in general, and how many visits you make personally - so we know whether you're a returning customer
  • cart cookie - remembers what you've added to your cart
  • security cookie - ensures that when you enter the secure payment area of the site, nobody else can access your info
  • account cookie - if you've created an account, this cookie remembers you so that you don't have to keep logging in
  • analytics cookie - records info such as the search term you used to find our site
  • social sharing cookies - allows you to do things such as 'Like' a product on Facebook without having to log in separately
  • advertising cookie - records when you've clicked on one of our ads
  • remarketing cookie - remembers which products you looked at and may use this info to target our adverts when you see them on Google and other websites


When do I consent to this?

When you complete a sale, sign up for a newsletter, create an account or opt in to surveys this implies that you consent to our collecting that information. For marketing contact such as email or Facebook, we will only contact you if you have expressly opted in or chosen to follow us.

What do you do with my personal information?

We will use it to:

  • answer emails and requests for products, services or information
  • fulfill and deliver orders
  • process returns
  • detect fraud and error
  • set up and manage your account with us
  • tailor our website and content to you based on your preferences, technical set-up and demographics (e.g. showing you the iPad version of the website)
  • marketing our products, events, offers and services - only if you have opted into this
  • conduct research and analysis
  • improve our business, for example making improvements suggested by customer feedback


What do I do if I want you to delete all my information?

Just let us know by email or post and we will remove all non-essential info (we need to keep details of sales in case of returns or recalls).


Are you going to send me loads of emails now that you have my contact details?

If you've chosen not to receive emails from us, the only ones we'll send are to notify you about what's happening with your order. You'll get one to confirm your order and one to let you know when it's been dispatched.

If you have chosen to receive emails, we'll send you one every month or so - it's worth getting as we'll tell you about giveaways, cool new stuff, interesting blog posts and useful info.


How can I unsubscribe?

You can always easily opt out by following the link on the foot of the email.


What about if I join your survey group?

Yay! We love it when people take our surveys. They're quick, easy and good fun, plus you get to find out about the results. We won't bombard you, either - they're only every 2-3 weeks and you can complete as many or as few as you fancy.


Who else sees my information?

  • Shopify (our website builder - they store all our data securely for us)
  • Google (our analytics program will look at your geographical location, search term used etc)
  • Service providers (for example Royal Mail to print postage labels, or Mailchimp, the company we use to create and send email newsletters)
  • In really rare cases, we might be obliged by law to disclose information - for example, if you're engaged in fraudulent activity.
  • Your mates, if you choose to share your fab new purchase on Facebook

People who don't see your information:

  • the taxman (all our financial info is numbers only, no names!)
  • the postman or your next door neighbour (our postal boxes only have our website name on plus your name and address)
  • other websites - though remember that if you follow a link that takes you off our website, we're not responsible for their privacy policies

We won't sell on your details to anybody else and we won't contact you if you've asked us not to.