Lenny Lamb Wrap-Tai Baby Carrier Luna Mini
Lenny Lamb Wrap-Tai Baby Carrier Luna Mini
Lenny Lamb Wrap-Tai Baby Carrier Luna Mini

Lenny Lamb Wrap-Tai Baby Carrier Luna Mini

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The Lenny Lamb wrap tai is a combination of a MeiTai carrier and a woven wrap.

With a comfortable panel that offers an ergonomic seat for babies and toddlers, supporting them knee to knee in the M position and four way wrap straps for the waist and the shoulders, this baby carrier offers extensive adjustability and support for baby wearers of all shapes and sizes.

You can use the Lennylamb WrapTai for front, Hip and back carries and you can even use the carrier both ways as its fully reversible. This carrier is not suitable for forwarding facing.

Lenny lamb Wrap Tais are available in two sizes, Mini and Toddler.

Mini is suitable from approx 4-18 Months of age or when wearing European size clothing 68cm-80cm. You can View the Mini Wrap Tai's Here

Toddler is suitable from approx 12-30 Months of age or when wearing European size clothing 80-98cms, You can view the Toddler Wrap Tai's Here


The Lenny Wrap Tai carrier provides:

  • Safety: the carrier is certified in accordance with safety standard F2236-16a ASTM and PD CEN/TR 16512 : 2015.

  • Functionality: two wearing positions - front from birth and back from when baby has full head control depending on individual baby developments. 

  • Quality: high quality of the carrier thanks to the whole production process in one place in Poland

  • Shelter: adjustable hood so you can cover your baby's head when needed for nap time and breast feeding. 

Actual colors and pattern placement may vary from pictures due to the nature of the woven wrap fabric.

Always follow the T.I.C.K.S rules when babywearing

  • Tight
  • In View
  • Close enough to kiss
  • Keep Chin Off Chest
  • Supported Back

Lennylamb is based in Poland, creating a range of sumptuous woven fabrics which are then used for many styles of baby carriers, clothing and accessories. Take a look at the full LennyLamb range Here.