SnoozeShade Car Seat Deluxe 0-9 Months Universal Fit Sun Shade at Little Goat Gruff
SnoozeShade Car Seat Deluxe 0-9 Months Universal Fit Sun Shade at Little Goat Gruff
SnoozeShade Car Seat Deluxe 0-9 Months Universal Fit Sun Shade at Little Goat Gruff
SnoozeShade Car Seat Deluxe 0-9 Months Universal Fit Sun Shade at Little Goat Gruff

SnoozeShade Car Seat Deluxe 0-9 Months Universal Fit Sun Shade

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This deluxe version of SnoozeShade for Infant Car Seats is crafted in silver-grey fabric that lets air flow freely and safely blocks up to 97.5% of UVA and UVB rays (UPF 40+). 

Compatible with all Group 0 and Group 0+ car seats with a rigid carry handle, this versatile car-seat sun and sleep shade safely protects your baby from the harmful effects of the sun, shuts out light and blurs distractions, creating a comfortingly dark and cosy space that encourages on-the-go naps.

✔️ It helps your baby get the sleep they need while you’re out and about, giving you the freedom to leave home without stressing about their nap routine. 

✔️ You can enjoy sunny days outside while giving your baby 360-degree protection from harmful UV rays, wind, light rain and pesky bugs. 

✔️ You have the peace of mind of knowing our innovative mesh fabric is completely air permeable – unlike a muslin or blanket.

✔️A sneak-a-peek zip makes it quick and easy to check on your sleeping baby without disturbing them.

✔️ It’s super versatile! Use it in snooze mode for naps and to block up to 97.5% of UV, or in shade mode to create a front window that still protects from 80% of UV but allows your baby to see out.

How does SnoozeShade for Infant Car Seats Deluxe work? It creates a comfortingly dark space that encourages naps by boosting melatonin (the sleepy hormone). When your baby naturally stirs at the end of their sleep cycle, the unique fabric prevents them from latching on to visual stimuli that may stop them getting a deeper, longer nap. This car-seat sun and sleep shade can be used in snooze mode or shade mode, both of which offer UV protection.

Many parents say SnoozeShade deters people from uninvitedly touching their baby, which can be a worry before they’ve had their jabs. We’ve added a ‘please don’t touch’ label to the front as an extra deterrent!

What is the snooze mode? When you want to completely shade your baby or encourage sleep, fasten both the inner and outer panels of your SnoozeShade. The fabric blocks 97.5% of UV and 94% of light, while also blurring distractions and removing visual stimuli to help babies switch off. The sneak-a-peek zip allows you to check on them without letting in light.

What is the shade mode? When baby is awake, you can use your SnoozeShade as a car-seat sunshade by tucking the snooze panel into the integrated pocket. This reveals a single-layer mesh window that blocks 80% of UV but allows your baby to see out. You can't see clearly through it from outside, but you can open the two-way zip either partially or fully for a clearer view of your baby. The shade panel can also be tucked away in the integrated front pocket if you’re not using it.

When in shade mode, your baby is still fully protected overhead and at the back and sides by a double layer of mesh that blocks 97.5% of UV (UPF 40+). 

Why should I keep my baby out of the sun? Doctors state that babies under six months must be kept completely out of direct sunlight. Their skin is too sensitive for sunscreen and contains very little melanin, so they burn easily. The Skin Cancer Foundation says incidents of sunburn during childhood multiply the risk of one day developing skin cancer. SnoozeShade is the ONLY infant car-seat canopy approved by the Melanoma International Foundation.

Will SnoozeShade help my baby nap? SnoozeShade is recommended by baby-sleep experts because it works like a portable blackout blind, creating a sleep-friendly space and acting as a cue for naptime. Daytime naps reduce cortisol levels, which helps babies fall asleep more easily at night – good news for everyone!

SnoozeShade also makes it easier to transfer baby from the car without waking them, because they’re not startled by a sudden change in light or temperature. If you’re travelling at night, it can help your baby sleep by blocking out bright lights.

What age is it for? SnoozeShade can be used from birth until your baby outgrows the car seat at around nine months.

Is it machine washable? Of course – it was invented by a mum! All SnoozeShades are machine washable at 30° and can be tumble dried on a low heat.



Height in cms
Newborn 50
Up to One Month 56
0-3 Months 62
3-6 Months 68
6-9 Months  74
9-12 Months 80
12-18 Months 86
18-24 Months 92
3 Years 98
4 Years 104
5 Years 110
6 Years 116
7 Years 122
8 Years 128
9 Years 134
10 Years 140
11 Years 146
12 Years 152
13 Years 158


We stock a lot of European brands who use the height of your child instead of an age range, this seems complicated but it really isn't, we promise! Simply measure in cm's from head to heel and that is the size you need to buy.

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Always excellent service and a great range of products. Little Goat Gruff also support some great environmental causes and schemes. An all round brilliant shop.

Rachel K

LGG was helpful in messenger when I asked for advise on sizing, sending size comparison pictures and measurements for me to compare. Item arrived quickly and is perfect, eco-friendly packaging and beautiful products

Sinead L

If i could give more stars I would, quick dispatch, prompt delivery, only place i had seen this version of the product and still competitively well priced.

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Great little company with amazing ethics. If I've ever had to deal with customer services they've been extremely helpful and friendly.

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Excellent service. Fast delivery, safely packed. Customer service amazing too, replying quickly and answering any questions you may have. 10/10

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Excellent quality products and quick delivery. Will definitely order again! Thank you.

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